Yauchi Hamono Seisakusho

Yauchi Hamono Seisakusho

Established more than 70 years ago.
As a creator of traditional Sakai knives that centered around blade attachment, Yauchi Hamono Seisakusho brings a wide range of Sakai knives to the world.
"Passing down traditional craft Sakai knives is a contribution to the city of Sakai." The words of the 2nd generation, Yasuo Yauchi.
"The determination of there having to be someone to inherit the craft naturally comes from our feeling about our hometown." These are the words of Takashi Yauchi, the 3rd generation.
Realizing the thoughts of these two, a workshop where you can see & experience knife-making processes opened in 2016.
As well as telling the story of knives made using iron and traditional methods, they want to provide information to figures who will inherit these techniques.

In 2014, Yauchi Hamono Seisakusho designed a new knife together with designers that have a different point of view from the world of knives.

This knife, called the "Compact Japanese Knife", not only has a new form but is also made to suit the lifestyles and views of both young families and those who are older. This knife has won a German iF Product Design Award and has been certified as an "Osaka-Made" brand product.

Even though lifestyles change, knives will always serve a purpose as a cooking tool.

In accordance with this, it is necessary that they are suitable for the lifestyles of modern people.

The second generation, Yasuo, who has the skills to sharpen any kind of blade, from large knives for cutting tuna to small knives of around 1.5cm used by leather artisans, wants to make use of all of his skills for the user of the blade. Also, Takashi, the third generation, does not intend to get rid of such techniques.

"Even now, I feel happy in being able to do my job."

"I want to work my hands to create something great and want to inherit tradition."
These are the driving forces behind the Yauchi father & son team involved in the creation of these knives.
"Instead of a predetermined track, the path ahead for a craftsman comes into view through diligent work," says Takashi. A strength of theirs is that, while making these knives, they listen to a different viewpoint of a new world from those who are still in their youth. This flexibility is the very tradition of Yauchi Hamono Seisakusho.

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