Aoki hamono Seisakusho

Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho

The company Aoki Ichiroten, a company that dealt in confectionery knives used to cut manju bun dough and sponge cakes, was established in 1942.
70 years after its establishment, Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho Co., Ltd. now continues to make new knives to meet the needs of modern times.

New knife creation, the aim of Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho

One of the meanings of this is that they continue to pass on traditional techniques while incorporating new ones.
Another meaning is their resolution to tell the world that their knives are not tools, but rather crafts filled with the spirit of bladesmith and sharpening artisans.

Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho's "Sakai Takayuki" brand knives are loved not just by people in Japan but by those all around the world. This is due to the fact that they are able to make use of inherited techniques while suiting modern times and the needs of users.
With the skilled techniques of each individual craftsman, sharpness & comfort of use demanded by the customer and the taking up of new challenges - "Sakai Takayuki" knives are a crystallization of Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho's thoughts.

Taking up challenges based on tradition to meet the needs of customers.
This is the mission of Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho which has been passed down from predecessors.

Luxury stainless steel & Bohler Uddeholm special steel famous around the world.

The "Grand Chef" is made using this steel of the highest grade and ancient Japanese forging and sharpening techniques. The combined wisdom of artisans gives each blade exquisite balance.
The fusion of this high grade material and the delicate sense & skills of artisans does not mean it was smooth sailing from the very beginning of its creation. This luxurious gem of an item had to overcome a lot of failures and challenges before it came into being. The Grand Chef has received high praise from professionals around the world for its sharpness and high sustainability. It is proof of Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho's repeated failures and challenges in wanting to make "a knife of the highest quality with Sakai techniques".

Aoki-Hamano Seisakusho continue to take up the challenge of making traditional craft knives that are more practical and more decorative.

All of the knives they create tell their own story - various materials are used for the handle, some are combined with a custom knife design etc.
The stories are spun by ancient Japanese traditions and new challenges. By creating a new level of knives, the proud traditions of Sakai can be passed on to the next generation.

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