Izumiriki Seisakusho

"Sharpness" made by traditional forging & sharpening skills that make the most of food

The outstanding sharpness of Sakai knives means that they are highly praised by many professional cooks in Japan and abroad.
While retaining craftsmanship and traditional techniques, Sakai Tohji also works on the development of new items such as knives made with molybdenum steel, all stainless steel and ceramic.

"Sharpness that makes the most of food" refers to the taste when something is cleanly cut.
The ultimate mission of a knife is sharpness. Each knife is made individually in the pursuit of this while bringing out its own characteristics.
This sharpness is the reason that Sakai Tohji is widely loved, from professional cooks to housewives cooking at home.

Founded more than 200 years ago
Combining "tradition & techniques", Sakai Tohji

Established in 1805, Sakai Tohji makes "tools for enjoying cooking".
Chefs in Osaka, with its "Kuidoraku" culture, have come to the knife town of Sakai since ancient times.
As well as Osaka chefs who wanted to get hold of knives with good sharpness, a pursuit of sharpness that makes the most of food has meant that Sakai Tohji knives have also helped play a role in passing down food culture.
You are able to see the tradition and outstanding skills inherited from master craftsmen in every knife of Sakai Tohji.

Artisanal skills that pass down the tradition of Japanese culture

A division of work system has been set up to make Sakai knives.
Blacksmiths and knife sharpeners diligently study their own field to hone their techniques.
Being able to ascertain slight temperature differences and hit steel at their own discretion is a skill of blacksmiths.
Having insight into the idiosyncrasies of each individual knife and sharpening in accordance with this is a skill of traditional craftsmen.
It is no exaggeration to say that, as well as bringing quality to Sakai Tohji knives, these advanced forging and sharpening skills also help to pass down the tradition of Japanese culture.

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