Wada Shoten

Wada Shoten

Its roots are in the Keio era of the Edo period.
Nowadays, it creates in response to requests for original items.
And for essential items.
Since its establishment 150 years ago, Wada Shoten has always placed great importance on the words of customers when making knives.
Its foundation for knife making is the proud statement, "we are creating tools".
These "tools" slowly adapt to the user's hand as they are used, so you can keep on using them for a long time. This is why they also can be called "authentic masterpieces".
Wada Shoten sells knives, but on the other it is not just selling knives.
It considers itself to provide genuine tools that the user can go through life together with for many years.

Preparing a meal is not just about continually cutting with a knife.

When cooking, there are a variety of steps and you don't just utilize a kitchen knife.
The home kitchen, the kitchen of a restaurant, the back room of a business... preference also differs depending on the usage location.
Harmonizing with the surroundings is also deeply-rooted in Japanese culture.
This is something that is also sought after in these knives that are tools.
Knife-making tailored to the user and usage location is the starting point for Wada Shoten who deals in a wide range of kitchenware.

In Japan, there was originally no knife gift-giving culture. However, in recent years, knives are thought to have an auspicious meaning as they "carve out the future".

These knives made using genuine Sakai skills have been selected for times you want to give a truly good item to someone important to you.
With the thought of wanting to provide knives in designs that convey the feelings of the giver, Wada Shoten proposes knives with handle, packaging, etc. designs suitable for gift giving.

An important thing when giving a knife as a present is that, after giving it, that shouldn't just be it.

Due to this, there are 2 important things taken into consideration.
The first is the provision of a knife with assured sharpness and comfort of use that will make the recipient always want to use it.
The second is providing something that is also memorable for the giver, who will recall when they selected the knife and may imagine what occasions the knife will be used in.

The reason for choosing a knife as a present is because it is a tool that is used everyday.

Whenever it is used, the sender & recipient will instantly think of each other.
As these are tools that make you think of someone, these knives for everyday use have been selected as we believe they build a bridge that connects the giver and the recipient.

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