What is HIDE?

The Japanese character "Hide" engraved on a knife is evidence that Hideaki Yamamoto, a knife craftsman with a history of 70 years who is only person in Sakai also capable of sharpening swords, and the inheritors of his techniques, his son Shinichiro Yamamota and grandson Hiroyuki Yamamoto, have worked on it. Even professional Washoku cooks are deeply devoted to these knives made by this traditional craftsman together with his son and grandson. Under the belief of "from creator to user", Yamamoto Haken goes to sites where cooks wield their skills and listens carefully to them. Its knives are made to meet the strict needs of such people. Their sharpness born from a fusion of the "advanced techniques of the creator" and the "fine needs of the user" has helped support the food culture of Japan.

Great at cutting & great to look at

A great point of "HIDE" brand knives is that they are knives which have earned a lot of trust from professional cooks.
Also, not only are they tools which have excellent sharpness, they are knives with a pleasant looking presence.
These knives made by the three generations of the Yamamoto family, who are both artisans and traditional craftsmen at the same time, are highly regarded as works of art and have received best-in-Japan prizes at knife competitions.

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