Yamawaki hamono Seisakusho

Yamawaki Hamano Seisakusho

Yamawaki Hamano Seisakusho is coming up to celebrate 90 years since its founding.
Each craftman here continually and diligently devoted themselves to the study of knives with the wish of wanting to become a knife professional. With pride and responsability, their staff are all fully devoted to their involvement with a traditional industry.

Sakai knives are popular all around the world for their sharpness and usage sensation. The quality of steel, quenching and sharpening is what makes them.
In combination with these points, there is one more thing that us users must consider when it comes to these luxury knives.
This is the ascertainment of balance, something that is essential for kitchen knives.
These knives are designed with exquisite balance which is conveyed right down to the little finger holding the handle and, unconsciously, you will come to know of their ease of use and wonderful sharpness.
The reason people say that these knives cut well and are easy to use is not just due to excellent forging and sharpening techniques, but also due to the fact that power is smartly conveyed to a position suitable for the purpose of cutting.
Such a thing cannot be understood just by looking at the knife. However, this aspect in particular supports the tradition of Sakai knives and is what gives Yamawaki Hamano Seisakusho pride.

As time passes and the needs of people diversify, knives have come to be made using a variety of different materials, right down to the handle. However, the city of knives and the techniques of Sakai do not change. Yamawaki Hamano Seisakusho's duty is to ascertain balance and optimize sharpness for each individual knife, using techniques that have been passed down without interruption through time.

A motivating force behind them is comments from customers such as: "I'm still using a knife I purchased more than 30 years ago." Their knives are tools and traditional industry items whose greatness is understood upon using them for the first time.

Yamawaki Hamano Seisakusho was born here in Sakai in 1927.

The craftsmen did not have any time to waste when making knives and walked around with a cushion strapped to their hips so that they could immediately sit down and work should they need go out somewhere. The place was also crowded with those seeking Sakai knives. When thinking of the traditional craft of Sakai knives as an occupation, one recalls the appearance of these craftsmen from the past, with a cushion always attached to their body, and can sense their preparedness.
Nowadays, many of those involved in Sakai's traditional industries live in the city of Sakai. With just a short distance between home and work, one can feel that the tradition and techniques that still exist here are related to the creation of regional hustle & bustle in everyday life. It seems that this may overlap with the preparedness of those craftsmen who walked about with a cushion attached.

Yamawaki Hamano Seisakusho work carefully and without compromise. This is a sign of their pride and preparedness from working in a traditional industry together with a fondness toward their hometown.

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